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Get your FREE relaxation download >Here
Get your FREE relaxation download >Here

Mark NicholsonWelcome. We use rapid, cutting edge methods so that you can quit smoking, lose weight, fix your phobia, or boost your confidence fast, with hypnosis.


Stop Smoking Amazing Changes was established in 2002 to offer a safe, scientific and psychological alternative to nicotine replacement therapy to help people stop smoking. To date, Amazing Changes hypnotherapy have helped hundreds of people to become healthy, permanent non-smokers - they can help you too.

Lose WeightFollowing our success with smokers, we soon began helping people to lose weight and fix phobias using our methods; we can also help with other problems, particularly confidence and performance issues.


Control PhobiasWith Cognitive Hypnotherapy, our profession has come of age... >Click here to find out how you can experience Amazing Changes...


• Member of The NHS Directory of Complementary
& Alternative Practitioners No. 5361
• Registered Member of The National Council For Hypnotherapy
• Quest Institute Trained

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